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OSP Alumni Job Boards

Job postings in this section are for OSP graduates only. Please select the program you graduated from to view current job postings for that program.

These jobs are just a sampling of what is available in the market at this moment. OSP posts these jobs based on employers who directly contact the school with a request to hire OSP graduates for a specific position, or positions are posted based on a positive hiring history for OSP alumni with a certain facility. We encourage OSP graduates to look for jobs beyond these postings, but offer these as a way to get started or find a pathway into your first job if alternate avenues have proven challenging. If you have any questions about the jobs posted or your career search, please feel free to call the school and set up a career advising appointment; we are happy to help!

OSP makes every effort to keep job postings up to date but cannot guarantee the availability or total accuracy of any position posted here on a day to day basis.